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October 15, 2015

Quad Almighty’s Seven Rules for Jammers

Great perspective. Ill keep this in mind- I love blocking and know I can jam way better but its fear and my beer gut. Thanks Quad

The Word of Quad

#1 Rule: Get into shape.

Get into better shape. Not yet. Keep working. More conditioning. Stronger legs. Better lungs. Jammers skate twice as fast as blockers. Jammers hit three times as much as blockers. Jammers fall down (and get back up) twice as much as blockers. Jammers need to be in WAY better shape than blockers. Blockers will always have fresher legs.

#2 Rule: Never surrender.

Blockers can smell blood. Never let them see you getting discouraged or tired. That gives blockers MORE energy. Always keep trying and keep moving. You will eventually escape. A hole will open. Just don’t give up. Your team is counting on you to just keep trying. A jammer who quits is dead to me.

#3 Rule: Move your feet.

A jammer’s main advantage is that blockers have to react to YOU. The second your feet stop moving in a pack, blockers can anticipate your…

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