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June 27, 2013

How to heat mold Bont Boots

First off-its going to be okay. It sounds scary but its not going to be. Take a breath and preheat your oven to 185 degrees. You are warming the resin in the leather to allow it to mold. If you feel your boots are already comfortable you can skip the heat molding. Remove the insoles (they will shrink if you don’t). If the boots have been mounted with plates-remove wheels, bearings, toe stops, cushions, and trucks. The plates can stay on.

Place the boots in the oven on the rack and heat for 15- 20 minutes. Make sure your oven is calibrated as higher temps will void your warranty and may damage the boot. Take the boots out and use caution as they are hot.

Put them on your feet when they are just cool enough and tighten the laces and straps. Stand on the kitchen rug and get in a good skater form (knees bent). This moves your feet the way you will be skating in them. Most skaters press around the heel to lock the ankle in but doing too much can cause blisters. I highly recommend EZeefit Booties for any boot break in.  If you feet are wide- they will start to stretch to your width and vice versa for slim. If you have bunions/lumps- you can push out on that part or even better is to take them off and use the round end of a blunt object to get you more room in that part of the boot (dull end of a screw driver)

Viola! You did it! You can do the heat molding as many times as necessary or periodically if you feel its needed. Bont Molding Video-

-Glitterotica Owner: Medusa Skates

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