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December 13, 2011

Training the Trainer

While training new skaters is really fun, it also requires you to be trained as a trainer. Example- last weekend. Ive never trained a new group before and I volunteered to help out at our bootcamp. Well…it didnt go over very well. I was really embarrassed actually. I was to show the correct ways to fall and apparently I am a) no good at falling despite quite a lot of experience and b) not a good demonstrator or speaker. How can I fix this? I want to be able to train as it is very rewarding to see skaters improve and understand and I want to get over my severe stage fright. Mind you…I never get scared in front of 3000 people, just 12 new girls. Weird.  I went over it with my girlfriend before I trained but that didnt help much. She suggested a training manual so that each trainer is consistent.  I will look into that. Hopefully, I can solve this issues soon. Its a strange mix to feel that you know derby but cant articulate how to play derby.  Any advice?

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